Safe, timely transport—guaranteed

At MML Transport, we believe it’s the little steps along the way that add up to an active, vibrant life. We’re committed to helping seniors, wheelchair-bound adults, and people with special needs stay mobile, healthy, and happy by providing non-emergency medical transport throughout Northern Virginia and the Washington, DC metro area.

Regardless of the destination or duration, each and every transport receives our undivided attention. Since launching our family-owned business in 2006, we’ve gone above and beyond to excel in these key areas:

  • Bed-to-Bed Service: While most companies drop off patients at the curb, our drivers help clients get into their homes, climb stairs, and get comfortably situated. From pick-up to drop-off, we provide a premium level of service that’s unprecedented in our industry.
  • Reliability: Our drivers arrive at or before the agreed-upon time, with all necessary equipment and amenities to accommodate the client’s needs. In addition to pre-scheduled trips, we also offer same-day service to meet urgent needs.
  • Peace of Mind: Our entire staff is bonded by the state of Virginia, with stellar driving records and common carrier licenses. We are fully compliant with all state regulations and are covered by comprehensive liability insurance. Although we do not provide acute or routine medical care during transport, all drivers are trained in CPR and basic first aid. We conduct thorough screenings and background checks for each employee. Our staff abides by HIPPA guidelines to protect client confidentiality.
  • Cleanliness: We take pride in the meticulous cleanliness of our vehicles. Between trips, we devote extended time and attention to interior and exterior maintenance, creating a germ-free environment geared toward relaxation, comfort, and peace of mind.
  • Value: With many seniors living on fixed incomes, using an ambulance can quickly become cost-prohibitive. Our services are less than half the cost of an ambulance, enabling clients to lead active lives—affordably.

Above all, we’re driven by a genuine compassion for the individuals we serve and for the community as a whole. During each trip, the dignity, comfort, and safety of our clients is of paramount importance.

What People are Saying

Thank you for the safe and professional transport of my loved one from Alexandria VA to Bronx, NY. It made it easier knowing you were handling this transport. Thank you,
The Scott Family